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Battle Moon Wars Act III delayed

December 8, 2006

Fans of the Type-Moon universe (Fate/Stay Night, Kara no Kyokai, Tsukihime) will be saddened to hear that the third installment of Battle Moon Wars has been delayed. The original planned release date was December 12th 2006, but for reasons unknown to me, the new release date is now set to February 2007. (more…)


Before the Storm

December 6, 2006

Blizzard Entertainment released their highly anticipated “Before the Storm” patch (also known as WoW 2.0) today for their gigantic MMORPG, World of Warcraft. The patch added a plethora of new content such as the new Honor system, the Arena battlegrounds, the new 41 point talent trees, and more. The bad part about this patch is pretty much the same as any other past major patch that Blizzard has released for World of Warcraft – massive server instability, extended server downtime, and everyone’s favorite: destroyed User Interfaces. But this patch is perhaps the most unforgiving on mods, as many have been flatout killed due to changes to game mechanics (ie: Decursive), and many more cannot even be force loaded anymore due to incompatibility with the new patch. Blizzard took the extra step this time however, and in addition to all of the above, most macros have become obsolete due to completely different coding methods being introduced (ie: /script UseInventory{13} used to activate your top trinket slot, but the command for that is now /use 13). (more…)

Exam week, more like hellhole week.

December 4, 2006

Archer sez “Exams are for girly men”.

I have two incomplete papers due within 3 days, and following directly after that deadline are 4 exams that eagerly await me. It’s times like this that I’m tempted to re-watch Saikano just so I can emo out after the Akemi scene in episode 9 and razorblade myself – but that’s a story for another time T_T. (more…)

Jyukai – Hikari

December 3, 2006

For fans of Fate/Stay Night, you may recall that there were two special ending songs (Episodes 14 and 24 to be exact) sung by Jyukai and Sachi Tainaka that were never released. After skimming through the Hongfire HF-TypeMoon forums, someone was kind enough to share that they had found a full version of Hikari, the special ED for episode 14. I’ve taken the liberty of uploading it up onto Gendou’s site, so check it out here.

A full version of the second song “Kimi to no Asu” still hasn’t been found yet to my knowledge. As always, if you enjoy the song, show support to Jyukai by purchasing her CD’s over at CDJapan!