Exam week, more like hellhole week.

Archer sez “Exams are for girly men”.

I have two incomplete papers due within 3 days, and following directly after that deadline are 4 exams that eagerly await me. It’s times like this that I’m tempted to re-watch Saikano just so I can emo out after the Akemi scene in episode 9 and razorblade myself – but that’s a story for another time T_T.

So aside from Bakumatsu and Code Geass (Special note on episode 8: In addition to having the worst fashion sense I have ever seen, Zero’s band of friends, now aptly named “The Black Knights” must have been high on crack when they agreed to set a new world record on “cheesiest intro that Exertim has ever seen”. Those dastardly Brits must surely be laughing their asses off quaking in their boots now!), I’ve also recently begun to dabble into the magical moe! world that is Kanon. I must admit, I’m a bit hooked on the series now, I suppose I’m just a sucker for these types of anime. The level of moeness that Ayu reaches will surely cause the destruction of the world O_O.


In other news, Fate/Stay Night fans that are literate in the Japanese language will be glad to know that Type-Moon is working in collaboration with Nitroplus on a pre-equal named “Fate/Zero“, which is set to take place 10 years before the events in Fate/Stay Night, during the 4th Holy Grail War (The war that Emiya Shirō’s father fought in with Saber as his Servant). Keep in mind that this is much like Kara No Kyokai, as it is a book, not a visual novel or anime series. Those of us that aren’t able to read Japanese will have to settle for summaries that will no doubt go up sooner or later. In addition to this, it’s also hard to say whether the story that will take place in Fate/Zero will be of canonical nature or not, as I believe it is Nitroplus that will be doing the actual storytelling, not Type-Moon. Fate/Zero will be available in stores all around Japan on December 12th, approximately 8 days from now.

Saber’s ahoge is a dead giveaway.

PS: Danny over at Novastorm has ripped the full version of Yui’s Rolling Star song. Those of you that like the current Bleach OP song should pay him a visit!


2 Responses to “Exam week, more like hellhole week.”

  1. Danny Says:

    and lucky for me, I’m on a two month holiday! yay! =P

  2. Exertim Says:

    Lucky you. I just finished my first round of exams, 1 more week to go till FREEEEEEEDOM!

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