Tsukihime, how I love thee

I wouldn’t mind adopting all of them.

So, if you’re an advid Type-Moon fan like myself, you’ve probably heard that the super awesome people over at Mirror Moon and Revolve Translations have recently released their Tsukihime english patch. And let me tell you, it is glorious. For those of us that aren’t Japanese literate, this is pretty much a godsent gift. Prior to the patch, I relied mostly on the written summaries made by Evospace over at Moonlit World / Beast’s Lair, so while I had a general understanding of what happened and whatnot, nothing could have prepared me for the extreme amounts of detail and depth that Type-Moon goes into for each and every character and route.

So wait, what exactly IS Tsukihime you ask? It’s a visual novel (think of it as a novel with images – lots of images, and you’re able to choose and change the story based on your actions) written by Type-Moon, who have also written the visual novel Fate/Stay Night. Tsukihime was also made into a 12 episode anime series back in 2003 by Geneon Entertainment, and the official anime release name for it is “Shingetsutan Tsukihime”. More information about it can be found at AniDB. I’ve had the patch for a few days now, and have been playing the game on and off. So far I’ve completed the Ciel True and Good routes, and have just started on the Far Side storyline with the Hisui route. Mirror Moon did an astounding job with the translation, and while there were grammar errors here and there, it’s practically to be expected when it’s such a huge translation project – and they aren’t exactly that noticeable anyways.

Head on over to Mirror Moon and give them a pat on the back for their job well done. I also hear that they’re finishing up on the Melty Blood reACT translation, which is also great news 😀


One Response to “Tsukihime, how I love thee”

  1. White Len Says:

    kyaaa~~~~ X3 the picture!! it’s so cute!! Len and Arcueid are absolutely adorable!!! where did you get it??? :3

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