Code Geass 04

This was an above average episode, with a decent amount of action, although the majority of the episode revolves around Karen and the Eleven’s history, along with development for Lelouch’s alias as Zero. Animation quality is the same as the past 3 episodes – superb. Sunrise continues to deliver the goods!

Suzuka is under heavy interrogation by the Britannian officials for his supposed murder of Prince Clovis. Suzuka denies (naturally) that he had any involvement in the issue, and Jeremiah quickly produces a bagged handgun that he claims that the murderer had left behind – a handgun with Suzuka’s fingerprints on it. On top of that, because Suzuka was the son of the former Japanese Prime Minister, many suspect he may have killed Clovis out of revenge for the invasion of Japan seven years ago. It also appears that only Suzuka can pilot the Lancelot Knightframe, as every other pilot that has attempted to have gotten nothing but slow and jerky responses. Suzuka had a synchronization rate of 94%, by far the highest out of all the other potential pilots. All this talk about mecha synchronization is seriously reminding me of Evangelion and Gundam Wing =(

Code name: Wing Zero

Following the public announcement of Clovis’ death, Karen heads to the designated area that she was told to go to by Zero. Karen and her band of buddies board a train, and are told to move to the first car. There, they meet Zero, aka Lelouch in all of his glory – and in glory, I mean one of the corniest costumes I have ever seen in my life. Zero’s costume looks like a bad copy of Darth Vader’s suit that lack the colorful buttons that decorate Vader’s chestpiece. Oh, and I spy with my little eye Pizza Hut!

I could totally go for a Stuffed Crust right about now.

Clovis’ funeral is coming up, and Zero plans to use this as an opportunity to rescue Suzuka. Clovis must be rolling in his grave, overshadowed and used even in death. Zero makes a flashy appearance in his new awesome costume, ontop of Clovis’ funeral car no less. The Brittanian army immediately surrounds the carriage with Sutherland Knightmare Frames and takes aim on Zero, but before they fire, Lelouch reveals what is hidden within the vehicle – the supposed “Poison gas bomb” that we saw in episode 1. Of course, the Britannian army is completely unaware that the bomb was a dud. Even when faced with the entire surrounding crowd held as hostages, Jeremiah refuses to let Suzuka go, claiming that he could not hand over Prince Clovis’ murderer. Zero replies that if Jeremiah killed him, he would sully his reputation with “Orange”. Jeremiah looks on confused, along with the rest of his men. Lelouch follows up with his make believe bluff and forces Jeremiah to let them go with his Geass power. Not only does Jeremiah set Suzuka and Zero free, but he also fights his against his Purist subordinates that try to stop them. So begins the “Orange” conspiracy. Poor Jeremiah, accused of a conspiracy that doesn’t even exist.

Jeremiah seems to have a bad case of red eye.

Lelouch attempts to recruit Suzuka (who is still oblivious that Zero is in fact Lelouch) to join forces with him, but Suzuka refuses, stating that he prefers to change things through peaceful solutions instead of fighting. After a bit more talking, Suzuka leaves a bewildered Lelouch behind. In other words, Sunrise has just recreated Kira Yamato and Athrun Zala. You know, the Kira Yamato that refused to fight, but still ended up killing hundreds if not thousands of people? Yeah, that Kira.


One Response to “Code Geass 04”

  1. Alpha A. Says:

    Wait…. Kira..didn’t he end up only striking everything but the cockpits? EH EH?

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