Code Geass 03

I think by now I can safely say that Code Geass will have a massive fanbase before the series is over and done with. Why, you ask? Typical Sunrise fanservice of course! Not that I’m complaining, oh no. As usual, my posts on these episodes containt spoilers, so don’t read any further if you havn’t seen the actual episode yet. So we’re back in Clovis’ Headquarters where we left off on episode #2. Lelouch forces answers out of Clovis involving the murder of his mother via his Geass powers, and finds out that Princess Cornelia and Prince Schneizer seems to possess more knowledge on the matter. Lelouch absorbs this information, and then, while Clovis begs for his life, executes Clovis via gunshot to the head. It’s good to know that not all anime protagonists are wimps that refuse to kill others.

Clovis in his final moments

We then skip ahead and are now at Lelouch’s school. The Britanian officials are covering up the massacre that they inflicted upon Shinjiku yesterday by announcing that a terrorist group had triggered a gigantic poison gas attack, therefore killing many of the ghetto’s inhabitants. After conversing with his classmates, a familiar face from the Shinjiku incident from yesterday appears. Karen (the pilot of the Glasglow Knightmare Frame unit in episodes 01 and 02) is revealed to be a student. She seems to have been covering up her absences by claiming that she was “sick” (real creative there Sunrise). Lelouch abuses his Geass powers to extract information about the Eleven terrorist group out of her, however when he orders her to not mention the Shinjiku incident to anyone, Karen somehow resists the powers and immediately grows suspicious of Lelouch.

That’s a mighty tasty looking sandwich you have there.

Following that suspicion, we are introduced to Lelouch’s sister, Nanalya. Nanalya appears to be blind, due to witnessing the horrific murder of her mother at a young age. Lelouch asks Karen to join him at the School Council clubhouse, an event which causes all of her classmates to mistaken as a “date”. After partying a bit at the clubhouse, Lelouch accidently sprays Karen with a huge splash of Champagne directly out of the bottle. Karen heads over to take a shower, Lelouch brings her a change of clothing…and well I’m sure you know what that usually leads to.

Sunrise fanservice GO!

Karen initially suspected Lelouch as the person that was anonoymously giving out the orders to the Eleven group in Shinjiku yesterday, but she soon drops her suspicions when a recorded message created by Lelouch earlier calls in and gives her a new set of orders. At the end of the series, it is revealed to us that the Britanian officials have nailed a scapegoat to Prince Clovis’ murder – Suzaku Kururugi.

Decent episode, not much action in this one aside from the Britanic forces fighting one another after Clovis’ death. More characters are introduced, and the stage is definently set for some action after Lelouch sees that his childhood friend is still well and alive, although pinned with a false charge of murder. Animation is still exceptional, a bit too exceptional perhaps at certain parts (FANSERVICE HAHA). So in short, watch this anime. Right now. Both Shinsen-Subs and GG fansubs have picked up on the series, so you can be assured that Code Geass will be translated fairly quickly.

Lelouch and Karen.


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